Shindn Aluminum Alloy Metal Shield Lightweight Arm Shield with Window Breaker for Hunting,Safety Protection,Outdoor Adventures and Superhero Cosplay Props

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Specification options:  Arm Shield,Left Shield,Right Shield,Spotlight Shield,Circular Shield.

Arm shield: Aluminum alloy material,Length 18.5 inches (47cm), width 6.3 inches (16cm).EVA thickness 1.5cm, weight is about 700 grams.The shield's edges are wrapped with rubber strips to make it look nice and to act as a cushion to keep the metal edges from scratching your arms!There are two rows of reinforced anti-skid saw teeth on the surface of the shield, which can firmly hold the attacking object and prevent it from sliding left and right! shock-absorbing EVA can effectively relieve the huge impact force and protect the arm! And it comes with a tungsten steel head glass crusher.

Left Right Shield: Aluminum alloy material,Total length is about 16.5" (42cm), width 6.7" (17cm), weight is around 500 grams. Attached with 3 rows of metal burrs on the surface. Equipped with a tungsten steel head glass crusher. It is breathable, light and easy to wear. It is fixed on the arm with two elastic bands and Velcro, and puts the thumb into the finger cuff, The thumb hole is optional, and there is no need to use the thumb hole in general, so that the hand will be more flexible!The arm guard is divided into left hand and right hand, please choose according to your needs, or you can buy left and right hands at the same time.

Spotlight shield: Aluminum alloy material,length 17.5"(44.5cm), width 9"(23cm), thickness 3.5mm, weight is about 1500 grams. compact and portable,  can be easily put in a backpack.LED lights are divided into 3 modes, strong light, low light, and flash. Large capacity battery, long standby time, fast charging, and equipped with a charger!Rugged, extremely resistant to impact. After testing, Impact resistance 147J kinetic energy impact. intact. And is equipped with two detachable tungsten steel heads glass crusher.

Circular shield: Organic glass material, with a diameter of 50 centimeters (20.5 inches). weight is about 1200 grams. Its large surface area provides excellent protection.making it ideal for hunting,defense, dog training, real-life CS scenarios, and more.Weighing in at only a few pounds, this transparent shield is surprisingly lightweight and easy to carry around. Despite its lightness, the shield is built to last, and its strong structure can easily withstand Various impacts.Thanks to the transparent material used, this shield provides clear visibility, giving you advantage in any situation.

Note:  After receiving the goods, please assemble the grip to the shield before use! (Circular shield)

Packaging list: 1 * Shield

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