Military Self-Defense Armguards Lightweight aluminum alloy elbow pads Offensive and defensive integrated tactical arm shield Defensive Cuff Wristband

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The protective part of the arm guard is composed of a 4mm thick aluminum alloy plate and three high-strength zinc-manganese alloy bars with serrations. The serrations can block the attacking object, so it is highly defensive. The tactical head is made of a combination of tungsten steel and diamond, which is matched with the strength of the elbow and has extremely strong penetrating power!
It is breathable, light and easy to wear. It is fixed on the arm with two elastic bands and Velcro, and puts the thumb into the finger cuff, so it will not affect your hand to do anything, just use the arm guard to defend and the elbow to fight ! The arm guard is divided into left hand and right hand, please choose according to your needs, or you can buy left and right hands at the same time!

Defense part: aluminum alloy + zinc manganese alloy. Arm guard base material: nylon mesh + elastic band + Velcro. Tactical head: tungsten steel + diamond. Connection part: ABS plastic + metal rivet
Total length is about 16.5" (42cm), width 6.7" (17cm), defense board: length 13.4" (34cm), width 3.49" (10cm), elastic band length: 11.8" (30cm), 7.5" (19cm), Tactical head length: 0.9"(2.3cm)

Material: nylon, Velcro, elastic band, mesh cloth, aluminum alloy, zinc-manganese alloy, tungsten steel, diamond, ABS plastic
Colour: Black
Dimensions, length 42 cm (16.5"), width 17 cm (6.7")

Packing list: 1*arm guard (left or right hand)

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