Military Defense Tactical Weapon Anti-terrorism Equipment Escape Self-Rescue Tactical Shield LED Flashlight Metal Arm Shield

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★Material, 2A12 aviation aluminum alloy + rare earth T4 state, sturdy and durable. It is 17.5 inches (44.5cm) long and 9 inches (23cm) wide. Double tactical cone, made of tungsten steel!
★800MA battery super long standby time, with charger. Three lighting modes: low light, strong light, flash, high brightness, long distance.

Size: length 17.5"(44.5cm), width 9"(23cm)
Material: 2A12 aviation aluminum alloy + rare earth T4 state
Colour: Black
Cone head: tungsten steel
Handle: ABS engineering plastic
Armband: nylon+Velcro
Shield Thickness: 3mm
LED light: strong light, low light, flash, three modes
Battery: 800MA long standby
Weighs about 1.1Kg

Packing list: 1*shield

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