Shindn Home Defence Weapons Lightweight Tactical & Self Defense Riot Shield, With Tungsten Steel Tip Metal Arm Shield Melee Kung Fu Arm Guard

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【LIGHT AND STURDY】lightweight self defense arm shield Weighs only 750 grams (1.6 lb),Easy to carry, can be put in backpack and car, can be hung on the wall behind the door! Shield body material: 3mm thick special aluminum alloy, grip: ABS engineering plastic, cone head: zinc alloy and reinforced tungsten tip. For home defense and personal arm guard. It is a powerful riot shield and flexible melee weapons.

【EXCELLENT DEFENSE】There are two rows of reinforced anti-skid saw teeth on the surface of the shield, which can firmly hold the attacking object and prevent it from sliding left and right! shock-absorbing EVA can effectively relieve the huge impact force and protect the arm! If you hold a forearm armor metal shield in your left and right hands, it will give you even more protection! Enough to defuse most deterrents.

【MULTIPURPOSE】Due to its light weight and small size, you can put it in a backpack and take it to outdoor hiking, camping, expeditions, mountaineering, fishing and hunting. Can also be placed in a car as a personal defense tactical shield and emergency gear. It can also be hung on the wall beside the door, and can be easily removed when the door is opened to deal with the intrusion of thieves. It can completely replace your self-defense baseball bat. It's legal and can go through airport security!

【SIZE】Length 18.5 inches (47cm), width 6.3 inches (16cm).Shock-absorbing EVA thickness 1.5cm,Grip width 12 cm, nylon arm strap width 4 cm,Sawtooth length 27 cm.The shield's edges are wrapped with rubber strips to make it look nice and to act as a cushion to keep the metal edges from scratching your arms!


Material: High-strength 2A12 aluminum alloy (heat treatment strengthened)
Tactical head: tungsten steel + diamond
Handle: ABS engineering plastic
Armband: nylon
Edge wrapping material: rubber strip
Surface layer: Anodized (corrosion resistant)
Thickness: 3mm
Shock absorption EVA thickness: 15 mm
Weight: 750 grams
Length: 18.5 inches, width: 6.3 inches (manual measurement, allow 1-2 cm error)
Handle connection strength: ≥500N, arm strap connection strength: ≥500N

Packing list: 1*arm shield

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