Woman's fashionable punk leather bracelet Outdoor self-defense jewelry

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Material: leather + metal
Colour: Black
Product specifications: the total length of the wrist is 21cm, the width is 1.5cm, the back of the hand is 13.5cm, the width is about 7cm,
Finger reference value, index finger circumference 67mm, ring finger circumference 60mm
Product features: 6 self-defense pointed cones, 3 pointed cones on the back of the hand, and 3 pointed cones on the wrist. They are used for women's outdoor self-defense. When encountering danger, make a fist with five fingers and punch out. The sharp pointed cone will be heavy for the bad guys. One blow, which gives you a chance to escape! The punk metal design is very fashionable. Because it is a one-piece design of rings and bracelets, your hands will become slender and beautiful! Made of real cowhide material, it is very durable and strong.

Packing list: 1* self-defense bracelet

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