Ceramic body armor Thickened type alumina ceramic bulletproof plate tactical armor plate NIJ III / NIJ IV bulletproof vest plates

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Material: alumina ceramic plate + UHMWPE
Size: 30CM*25CM
Thickness: NIJ III thickness 20mm, NIJ IV thickness 24mm
Weight: NIJ III weighs 2.2 kg, NIJ IV weighs 2.7 kg

The NIJ III is used for AK47 rifle steel core bullets and 7.62mm & NATOFMJ bullets. The bullet speed is 847+9.1m/s
NIJ IV is used for 30CaliberM2AP bullets with a speed of 878+10m/s. It can also be used for M4, M14, M16, China 95 assault rifle steel core bullets and armor-piercing incendiary.

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