Motorcycle riding Chest and spine protective vest Motorcycle protective gear armor

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Material: EVA+PVC+Lycra Velcro Strap,Durable and Breathable
Adjustable Shoulder Straps and Kidney Waist Belt
Chest and Back Protection,Excellent Protection For the Most Important Part of Your Body
Colour: Black
size: S,M, L ,XL
        Width,      back length,      waist,        suitable for height,
S: 40CM          42CM            70-105CM      130-150CM
M: 40CM          47CM            80-115CM       150-170CM
L: 44CM           55CM            90-125CM       170-190CM
XL: 44CM         61CM            100-135CM      185-200CM

Thickened PE protective vest, chest protector, spine protector, body protection for sports such as motorcycles, ice skating, skateboarding, skiing, etc.

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