Men's bulletproof briefcase shindn messenger bag kevlar bulletproof backpack Men's shoulder bag bulletproof bag and kevlar backpack insert

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    This is the latest style of kevlar Men's bulletproof briefcase shindn messenger bag, the total weight of briefcase and bulletproof plates is about 3.5ib, light, hidden, soft, and protect your safety anytime, anywhere! Removable level iii plates, convenient for you to use chest plates for your bulletproof vest or bulletproof backpack.


Briefcase Material: PU nylon cloth super fiber
Briefcase size: 42CM * 31CM * 5.5CM
Plate size: 35CM * 25CM * 0.7CM
Plate material: kevlar aramid
Bulletproof rating: NIJ III
Color: black, dark blue, light brown
The shoulder strap is detachable, the plate is detachable, light, concealed, and durable!

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