Baby Care Air Drying Soft Clay Baby Handprint Footprint Imprint Kit Casting (3 color)

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Function: Baby growth record
Age Group: Babies
Age:newborn 6 months 12 months 18 months

Note:The clays are Self-styled package ,Please use within 6 months
Color: blue, green, pink
Specification selection: 30g
Contains: 1 * Clay (OPP bag)

It is recommended to buy 3 bags of 30g packaging. The total weight is approximately equal to 90 grams
90g of soft clay dough will produce 1 Baby Handprint or Footprint of 0-6 Months . This will obviously According to the size of the baby hands and feet.
The drying process can take 10 days (depend on the thickness of the prints' base and the temperature/humidity of the room)
The clay will start the drying process when it exposure to light and air .
This super soft clay dough is a safe, non toxic and easy to use .
Easy to dry. Just take the amount you need for the 1st set of prints (wrap the rest in cling-film to use later), knead it a little, roll it out for a smooth surface, then press baby's hand or foot into it. You hardly need to apply any pressure at all which makes the perfect Baby Handprint or Footprint . (no need to bake).

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