Shindn Enhanced Aluminum Alloy Double Fork Offensive and Defensive Shield, Shark Shield, Bat Shield, Spartan Warrior Shield

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★★★★★Light weight, overall weight 3.4 lb, Enhanced aluminum alloy material, sturdy nylon arm straps and handles.The length of the armband can be adjusted by Velcro. The 15mm thick shock-absorbing EVA can effectively relieve the huge impact force and protect the arm!

★★★★★High-strength aluminum alloy material, impact resistance and good protection. the physical test 147J energy impact can not penetrate.With a length of 66 cm and a large protective area, it can effectively resist dagger attacks, baton blows, and can defend against rubber bullets, pepper water, and tear gas attacks!

★★★★★strong and sturdy.The surface is black matte painted, concealed and non-reflective.Offensive and defensive integrated, double fork design. Both defense and attack! There are 8 kinds of sticker graphics to choose from: SHARK,BAT,EAGLE,WARRIOR,LION,SNAKE,WOLF,DRAGON


Material: reinforced aluminum alloy
Size: 66CM in length, 30CM in width, 2.5mm in thickness
Net weight: 1.5kg
Shield Colour: Black

Packing list: 1*arm shield 

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