Natural anion salt lamp Colorful Himalayan crystal salt lamp Bedroom night light

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To accent the natural beauty of the salt crystals, It is contained in a transparent cylinder, perfect for the design-conscious home. Illuminate your room with a warm, pleasant and relaxing amber glow. It's a perfect choice in the center of a coffee table or desk. Great for meditation, yoga spaces, and as a nightlight. Also, you can try it as a Bedside lamp. Due to the natural variation in Himalayan Crystal salt, weight, size, color and shape may vary.

Hand Crafted Rustic Himalayan Salt Bowl Lamps with Salt Chunks are hand-chiseled by local artists and craftsmen near where they are mined in the Mountains of Pakistan. These natural rock formations are composed of 84 natural minerals which are known as the "Vitamins of the Air". When lit, these beautiful lamps emit negative ions which remove contaminants and increase levels of serotonin in the brain to promote a healthier lifestyle. Their unique ambient hues are sure to enhance any living room, office, kitchen or bedroom!

Color: black base, white base
Light source power: 3
Shade material: acrylic
Application places: Universal
Light type: led lights
Voltage: ≤36V
Size: 9.4CM * 9.4CM * 14.1CM
Features: touch switch, touch to adjust the brightness of light, touch to adjust the light color, USB interface, power supply,

Packing list: 1 * salt lamp (including salt)