3 in 1 gas soldering iron Portable pen type gas soldering iron Butane multifunctional gas soldering iron

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Product Name: Pen type gas soldering iron
Filling capacity: 8ML
Tank material: ABS plastic
Temperature: flame temperature 1300 ° C soldering iron temperature 450 ° C
Use fuel: pure butane, gas
Usage time: 8ML version about 35-45 minutes,
Product weight: about 80g
Packing list: 1* Gas soldering iron

Product Usage:
1, loose rusted metal screws, laboratory heating research, kitchen baking, equipment maintenance.
2, car repair welding, aviation equipment repair, hydropower engineering equipment maintenance.
3, electrical appliances, motor control box repair welding, etc.
4, circuit board repair welding, IC board welding repair, indoor and outdoor line welding.
5, electronic components on the tin, welding, etc.!

product instructions

A, filling gas
1, Fill in the high-quality gas and confirm that the switch is OFF.
2, Introduce the gas canister into the inflation hole and press the inflation.
3, about 10 seconds to complete the filling, let stand for a few minutes to stabilize the gas before it can be used.
4, If the gas has a "si si" venting sound at the end of the gas filling, press the inlet port with the tip of the pen to eliminate it.

B, ignition
1, The switch is in the ON position and you hear the sound of “si si”.
2, Push the flameout ring forward.
3, Use an igniter or lighter to ignite near the joint.
4, after burning for 3 seconds, the flameout ring will be returned to the original place, after the fire is extinguished, the soldering iron will continue to heat.
5, adjust the size of the flame, + equal to large, - equal to small.
6, this product temperature up to 1300 ° C (ironing iron temperature 450 ° C) should pay attention to safety when using, be sure to turn off the switch after use.
7, When using a gas soldering iron, please pay special attention to wait until the flame is completely extinguished. When the object inside the soldering iron turns red, operate again. Use a small fire to extend the life of the soldering iron.
8, The flame length of the combustion jet is about 11mm-15mm.

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