Baby Gift Toy Doll Electric Intelligent Baby Toy Doll, crawling baby Doll, can laughing, crying and singing

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Material: ABS plastic
Specifications: 18.1 * 8.4 * 13.1cm
Note: This product does not contain batteries
Crawling baby use two AA batteries can make it laugh and sing, two small ass twist twist forward crawling.
Innermost can also say mami & dady will sing in English Oh! Let the baby joyful inside watching him ... is a good baby crawling school teacher Oh! Clothes, shoes and hats can be washed off, give your baby to find A partner now. Pink color is very beautiful! (Switch in the stomach, across the clothes you can touch)
Product function electric music doll small and exquisite design, lovely shape, bright colors
The product will help enhance your baby's ability to feel the music, stim of the baby's sensory organs, is the baby safe, convenient use of educational toys.
Very beautiful blue eyes little baby crawling, quality is also very good.
When standing little doll will dance (to be at the level of environment). Imitate seven months of a baby crawling, for learning to crawl, walk the babies.
Packing List: 1*Doll