Men's belt 304 stainless steel belt pure copper smooth buckle personality youth fashion fashionable steel ball belt

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Material: stainless steel, pure copper
Belt buckle material: pure copper
Color: Brass
Style: dragon head, tiger head.
Belt Length: 105cm (42")
Belt width: 3.5cm
Net weight: 700 grams

Packing list: 1*belt

Material: The belt head is made of pure copper material, which is durable and beautiful in shape. It is divided into two styles: dragon head and tiger head. The belt body is made of stainless steel balls and copper cylinders.

Features: pure handmade, unique shape. The pure copper tube and 304 stainless steel ball are hand-woven with steel wire.

Gift: Can be used as birthday gift, father's day gift, boyfriend's gift, etc. For father, grandpa, husband, boyfriend, colleague, boss, lover, etc.!