Shindn body armor ar500 lightweight ballistic plate, level IIIa steel plate bulletproof materials, bulletproof vest plates backpack plate

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※This is an ar500 lightweight ballistic plate, level IIIa steel plate bulletproof materials, strong and durable, and lightweight. Used in a bulletproof vest, ar500 plate carrier, vests bulletproof, Body armor, bulletproof backpack, plate carrier, icons vest, bulletproof clothing, concealable bulletproof vest, etc.!

※Material: alloy material
Size: 30*25CM
Thickness: 2.3mm
Weight: 2.3mm weighs 1.5kg
Bulletproof level: NIJ IIIA
Packing list: 1* bulletproof plate


※Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene is the highest quality polyethylene available for use in harsh working environments and for a variety of applications. the processing method is derived from powder metal technology and extruded. the molecular weight of 3 to 6 million, ensuring that ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene has sufficient strength to achieve wear and impact resistance that is not possible with other lower polymer products. The product is tough and lightweight and can float on the water.

※Material: UHMWPE (Aramid Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene)
Size: 30*25CM
Thickness: 10mm
Weight: 0.49kg
Bulletproof rating: NIJ III
Packing list: 1* bulletproof plate


※This specially designed insert is designed to fit into school backpacks and bag measuring 9.8" x 13.8". Can also be used for vests of the corresponding size. This insert provides ballistic protection from handgun fire and can stop multiple rounds.

※Manufactured with 26 layers of Twaron, high performance to weight ratio material like ARAMID, this insert is extremely light while meeting Level IIIA standards. The ballistic shields when inserted into backpacks, briefcases, or computer bags will provide the highest level of protection currently available as lightweight concealable body armor. Hopefully, you never have to be in a situation that requires ballistic protection, but with this insert, you can make sure you're always protected

※Material: ARAMID
Dimensions: 9.8" x 13.8"
Weighs only 21 ounces(1.3 lb)
Fits larger school backpacks and adult packs
Lightweight for easy to carry protection
26 layers of material for tempered protection
Also protects again stabbing/piercing objects
Level IV Lab Tested
UV Resistant Nylon Covering
Easily removable for cleaning/storage

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