UV clean Box and UVC Wand Shindn UV-c Led Lamp

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       According to your needs, choose UV clean Box or UVC Wand, UV light wavelength between 253.7nm-285.5nm, UV clean time is about 3 minutes! There will be English voice prompts during the UV Box operation. UVC light Principle: When exposing microorganisms Within the radiation range, the light penetrates through their cell wall and disrupts the structure of their DNA molecules. The UV-c clean box has 4 UV c LEDs suitable for mobile phones, glasses, masks, dentures, headphones, Use underwear, dentures, etc. UVC wand uses UVC led strip, which can be hand-held and powered by USB interface!



Power source: USB, car power, mobile power
Function: Ultraviolet, aromatherapy
Rated voltage: DC5V
UV Sterilizer Light:3W
UV Sterilizer Box:9W
Size: Refer to the picture
Current: 1-2A
UV wavelength: 253.7nm-285.5nm

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Packing list: 1 * UV Sterilizer Box or 1 * UV Sterilizer Light
Shipping time is about 10-25 days
Customer service email: shindn.shop@gmail.com

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