100 sodium hypochlorite effervescent tablets and spray bottle Portable spray bottle small and chlorine tablets

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       Hand pressure spray bottle small can size 21CM * 8.5CM. Adjustable nozzle, spray mode, and water column mode! High-quality spray bottle pump. This is an empty spray bottle, plastic spray bottle, it can be used for sodium hypochlorite spray, bleaching powder spray. It can also be used for spray bottles for hair, spray bottle for plants.
      100 sodium hypochlorite, chlorine tablets weigh about 2 grams and contain 60% chlorine. This is a super-concentrated effervescent tablet. Dilute with water to obtain sodium hypochlorite solution, Comes with sodium hypochlorite uses method and sodium hypochlorite formula.



Watering can color: blue, pink (random color)
Watering can size: 21CM * 8.5CM
Watering can material: PP
Sodium hypochlorite: pack of 100
Sodium hypochlorite content: 60% per capsule
color: White
How to use: After dilution, spray, wipe, and wash.
Proportion: 1 piece of sodium hypochlorite to 1 liter of water
Use scene: hospital, school, home, swimming pool, fish tank, toilet, washing machine, bedroom, living room, floor cleaning, station, airport, tableware, sink, kitchen, appliances, and more!
Efficiency: 99%
Note: Sodium hypochlorite has a bleaching effect on the fabric, so please do not use it on fabrics, silk, leather, paint products that are easy to discolor!

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