stab proof vest shindn Stab Vest Removable Oxford cloth Anti-stab vest Multipurpose police stab vest anti stab shirt and Anti-cut sleeve

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Option: stab proof sleeve, stab proof vest!

This is a detachable Oxford cloth Stab proof vest with a removable middle sandwich. The latest version of Shindn Stab Vest, with a pocket on the front and back of the vest, can install its own bulletproof plate, thus making it a bulletproof vest. It is commonly used as a police stab vest, or concealable stab proof vest. An optimal stab and bullet proof vest! stab vest carrier and stab proof sleeve optional




Joso (night shift security): I will encounter a lot of drunkards and tramps when I work night shifts. Many of them carry daggers. So this Stab Vest has protected my life many times, I love it.

Brown (hunting enthusiast): Usually I wear it while hunting, wearing it inside the jacket, it can be well hidden, I think it is great! It is also used in paintball shooting, live CS field, to block paintballs, rubber bullets and so on. Of course, it is also possible to insert a bulletproof panel into the pocket of the vest to become a bulletproof vest.

Miller (hardware factory worker): It's great to use it as a work clothes. I have a lot of metal spikes and steel wires at work. They will stab my body and arms, put on stab-resistant vests and Kevlar gloves. This way it protects me very well.

Heart: The price is right. Made welland fits me. I am 6.2 235lbs and i also have llla inserts both front and back and under a button up shirt its almost invisible. Needs side plates but all in all well worth the buy. I no longer stress in public as i suffer from ptsd the vest is my last line of deffince thanks.


Fabric: Waterproof Oxford cloth
Interlayer intermediate material: High-quality high-manganese steel alloy,(after 1600 ℃ quenching and refining) + EVA cushion
Colour: Black
Weight about: 2.4 kg
Protective layer structure: fish scale structure layout.
Pockets on the chest and back, you can add bulletproof panels!
This product does not contain bulletproof panels and requires an additional purchase.
For work protection, body protection, suitable for drivers, security, police, etc., the internal mezzanine can effectively resist the dagger, knife, mace, attack!
Affordability: <2.8 kg / square meter. Single layer density 184 g / square meter
Test power: 24 joules ± 0.5 joules of kinetic energy, Can't destroy.
Dagger attack angle: 0°, 60°, 75°
Packing list: 1 * stab proof vest or 1*stab proof sleeve

one size (size adjusted by Velcro)

Vest chest and back the total length of 120CM,

Vest total width (including Velcro belt) 139CM,
Abdomen width (excluding Velcro belt) 52CM,
Chest pocket 33 cm high and 28 cm wide
Back pocket 33 cm high and 28 cm wide

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