Shindn Outdoor self-defense leather bracelet/stainless steel dagger knuckle/multi-function pocket knife/wild escape self-rescue bracelet

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Material: alloy + stainless steel + cowhide
Bracelet color: brown
Knuckle color: bronze, silver (color random shipment)
Bracelet size: width 4CM, length 23CM
Knuckle size: 10CM*7CM
Features: small, portable, concealed, durable
Installation: Shipment of bulk parts, Need to assemble by yourself!
This is a very cool portable self-defense bracelet, cowhide woven bracelet, stainless steel dagger knuckles can be easily pulled out and inserted into the bracelet, very convenient to carry and concealed, sharp stainless steel dagger is durable, can be used as an escape tool, self-defense dagger, broken Window appliances, brass knuckles, etc.!

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