Shindn Police shield Transparent Plexiglass Riot Shield Protest march self-defense shield

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Shindn shield test video


Customer reviews

Wren: You ever think of usurping the evil corporatocracy controlling your life before realizing that’s impossoble, because you don’t have a shield?
Well then do we have a deal for you.
This shield is made of a convex panel of plexi-glass, bolted to a handle and sorta fabricky thing on the other side to keep it relatively secure on your arm.
Use it to deflect rubber bullets, pepper spray, rocks, and whatever else that oppressive regime may throw at you. Not bullets though. You will most certainly die if the regime is throwing bullets at you. Especially if they’re using bullet canons.
This is the riot shield that’ll have you yelling, “Sic semper tyrannis!” before you know it!

Zom-B: So my dog bearhound loves it likes to jump up and attack the shield it has some damage on it but it ok. Reason I play rough is cause he is a big dog and Lots of energy. He loves it and that makes me happy.If you use it to train a hound I recommend it, it is very powerful.

product description

Thickness: 3.6mm
Diameter: 53cm
Material: Special Plexiglass
Transmittance: 90%
Weight: 1.3kg
Impact strength: 147J kinetic energy impact
Puncture resistance: 147J kinetic energy puncture
Handle connection strength: ≥ 500N
Arm band connection strength: ≥ 500N

Product Usage

Used to defend against paintball shooting, rubber bullet shooting, stick attack,
dagger attack, defense against pepper water attack, and defense against tear gas attacks.Used for protection of the body during protests and demonstrations.It can also be used to train a hound.

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